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Pulp Testing Equipment

Product Image (PAP-3053-C)

Fully Automatic Sheet Former

Price: 250000 INR

It is used for producing the pulp sheet rapidly for physical strength tests in comparision to the standard sheet former. This apparatus reduces the Time factor Increases the output It is used with White Water Re-Circulation System.

Product Image (PAP-3080)

Flotation Cell/Deinking Cell

Price: 175000 INR

This instrument is used to study the deinking effect of printed recycled paper by floatation method in laboratory.Stainless steel container capacity 25-liter specially designed aerator with variable speed and digital revolution counter. Can be used in conjunction with laboratory pulper and screw press to conduct extensive testing of recycled fiber system.

Product Image (PAP-3051(A))

Freeness Tester

Price: 38000 INR

Beating and Freeness Tester (For Paper Mills Only )The Freeness Tester offered by us measures the drainage capacity of beaten pulp and checking the process of beating process. Model with provision of mechanically controlled valve lifting and Plexiglas measuring cylinder for Schopper Riegler valve with standard wire mesh.

Product Image (PAP-3051(B))

Freeness Tester (Pneumatic SR Model)

Price: 36000 INR

Freeness Tester Pneumatic SR Model is used for measuring the drainage capacity of beaten pulp and checking the progress of beating process

Product Image (PAP-3055)

Consistency Determination Apparatus

Price: 35000 INR

It is used for quick determination of Pulp/Stock Consistency. The instrument is manufactured in accordance with the second report of the Pulp Evaluation Committee to the Technical Section of British Paper & Board Industry Federation as per TAPPI, SCAN, ISO

Product Image (PAP-3054)

Fiber Classifier- Bauer Mc NETT

Price: 250000 INR

It is used for investigating the fibe length distribution in pulp.Each unit provided with an electric motor for driving the rotor and is fully self contained.All units are easily combined in cascade mode.The screen frames are clamped pneumatically by compressed air.

Product Image (PAP-3061(A))

Wood Chip Classifier

Price: 130000 INR

We offer Wood Chip Classifier is designed for rapid, reproducible and accurate classification of wood chips. This chip classifier is manufactured from the high quality of material & modern techniques in compliance with the set norms of industry. The offered chip classifier is provided in numerous specifications to choose from in a stipulated time frame. It is used for rapid & reproducible analysis of chips, As per TAPPIT-546.

Product Image (PAP-3066)

Rapid Sheet Dryer

Price: 32000 INR

It is used for shortning the dry time of wet pulp of paper samples before determining the dry weight of moisture contnet. It is provided with Rapid Sheet Dryer. It is suitable for sheet size

Product Image (PAP-3062)

Pulp Disintegrator

Price: 65000 INR

It is used for standarlized Pulp Disintegrator to a homogenous suspension. It has pivoted drive unit with stainless steel propeller and shaft.The propeller is driven by electric motor via stepped timing belt to ensure a direct drive without slippage with Mechanical Counter.

Product Image (PAP-3052)

Canadian Type Beating & Freeness Tester (CSF Type)

Price: 38000 INR

Freeness Tester Canadian Type Model for Paper Mills Only Measures the Canadian freeness number which is a measure of the drainage capacity of different pulp types. The drainage rate has been shown to be related to surface conditions and swelling of the fibres. It is also useful index of the amount of mechanical treatment given to the pulp. Instrument is supplied with standard screen plate and plexiglas measuring cylinder for csf valve.

Product Image (PAP-3056)

Lab Valley Beater

Price: 160000 INR

It is used for laboratory beating of pulp under standardized conditions.To determine the behaviour of pulp when subject to definite beating schedule. This beater is suitable for routine checking of pulp in laboratory. Motor with V belt drive is provided along with instrument.

Product Image (PAP-3077)

Fibre Fractionator (Somerville Screen)

Price: 2800000 INR

This instrument is used for determining the Shieve Content in ground wood pulp. It is designed in accordance with second report of the Pulp Evaluation committee to the technical section of Paper Maker Association. A motor driven eccentric diaphragm actuation. Sunction is provided for fractional on the screen filled of the water. As per TAPPIT-275

Product Image (PAP-3068)

Research Digester

Price: 390000 INR

Our Research digester is a complete pulping unit to produce pulps by cooking wood chip similer to a Research Digester. it is easy to operate and it has precise control of pulping variables to ensure accurate results. A sampling line with cooling attachments allows simples to be with drawn safely during the cooking process and a control valve determines the circulation rate of cooking chemicals.

Product Image (PAP-3064)

Sheet Drying Cylinder

Price: 700000 INR

It is used for drying the lab pulp hand sheets of paper samples . The process helps to prevent wrinkling and shrinkage in the dried samples.It also permits convenient and rapid insertion of the sheets.

Product Image (PAP-3053 B)

Semi Automatic Sheet Former

Price: 138000 INR

Offered sheet former is developed employing quality-proven material and high-end technology in conformation with current market standards. Our sheet former is high on demand in various industries due to its accuracy & superior quality. Customers can avail the offered sheet former from us in various specifications in a given time frame. It is used for production of laboratory pulp sheets rapidly for physical tests. In this instrument couching is effected by means of pneumatic fixture through compressed air and stirring in the apparatus.

Product Image (PAP-3063)

Rotary Digester

Price: 370000 INR

It is used for Producing pulp from various fibrous materials under specified and control conditions under pressure, temperature and time. Electric heating is provided with thermostatic temperature control. Pressure and Temperature indicator are provided with Digital Temp. Indicator-cum controller.

Product Image (PAP-3053A)

Hand Sheet Former

Price: 96000 INR

Hand Sheet Former Used for the production of laboratory sheets for physical tests. The design of the drainage system provides a uniform flow across to the entire wire by permitting exceptionally uniform sheets. It is used for production of circular sheets. Standard stirrer, couch roller, Drying plate 7 drying rings

Product Image (PAP-3059)

Micro Fibre Projector

Price: 60000 INR

Micro Fibre Projector It is used for studying and comparing fibre materials i.e. the effects of beating,surface structure and formation. It is supplied with built-in Fresnel lens behind the screens to give a bright and clear picture,lighting and the transformer as a variable output voltage outstanding stability and smooth control. As per APPITA,SCAN & TAPPI. Request Callback

Product Image (PAP-3060)

Wet Web Strength Tester

Price: 190000 INR

It is used for measuring the initial wet strength, elongation & tensile energy absorption of newsprint strip or Pulp other purposes.This instrument is Microprocessor based with user friendly menu driven software with Digital Display & Plotting of graph.

Product Image (PAP-3065)

Sheet Drying Cabinet

Price: 38000 INR

It is used for faster drying and conditioning the sheet after press.The design is accordance as per the Technical Section of Sheet Drying Cabinet. Heating Unit with thermostat control is provided for temperature adjustment and quick drying.

Product Image (PAP-3067B)

Laboratory Sheet Press (Pneumatic Type)

Price: 80000 INR

It is used for pressing and watering and sheet quickly made on sheet making machine.

Product Image (PAP-3056B)

Lab Beater (PFI Mill)

Price: 615000 INR

PFI Laboratory Beater Type Mill: It is used in the laboratory for beating of chemical pulps under standardized conditions and also for the defibration of semi-digested raw material fibres.

Product Image (PAP-3058)

Lab Hydrapulper

Price: 290000 INR

It is used for making Pulp, Minerals fibers pulp like mica, Asbestos etc. It is also used for mechno-chemical pulping. Heating syatem with adjustable Thermostat Control. It is supplied with standard Electric motor & propeller V belt drive to circulate the stock effectively.

Product Image (PAP-3067A)

Laboratory Sheet Press (Hydraulic Type-Manually)

Price: 65000 INR

It is use for pressing and watering the sheet quickly made on sheet making machine.

Product Image (PAP-5059)


Price: 175000 INR

It is used to check the denking effect of printed recycled paper using floatation method in library. Specially designed aerator with variable speed and digital revolution counter. It can be used in conjunction with laboratory pulper and screw press for conducting extensive testing of recycled fiber system.


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